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Everything integrated, to speed up time to market.

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Zhanzhi new factory in Jiu Jiang, Jiangxi Province, a place with a great logistics system and reduced operational costs to meet the increasing demand.

The factory has laser-cut machines, welding robots, painting processes, etc., everything to ensure high precision and quality, producing all range of fitness equipment.





100.000 units/ month


+26.000 m²

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Zhanzhi Health Science & Technology

was founded in 2018 in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province which is about 10 kilometers away from high-speed railway station and 3.5 kilometers away from Lishe International Airport.

Due to the production capacity requirement, a new factory has been built in Jiuijiang City, Jiangxi Province. The company successfully completed the relocation in June 2022, and officially started production in July of the same year. It has a beautiful landscape and environment, a suitable geographical location, and the traffic is very convenient, only about 11 kilometers from the Chengxigang container terminal.


At present, the factory building area of the company is about 26,000 square meters and has planned to build a flat steel plant, a third-floor office building, and a fourth-floor dormitory building.

Our long-term business philosophy and goal of Zhanzhi is based on the basic belief of  "SPS production standardization system" and the "three first-class" goal as "building first-class enterprises, educating first-class employees and manufacturing first-class products“.

Therefore, we will be under the 4 management concepts: “Marketing as the guidance, scientific and technological innovation as the cornerstone, price quality as the guarantee” to strive to work together toward to the best enterprise in not long future.

Access our brand ZZGo website for further more 

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Products delivered to over than 20 countries worldwide.

The company has a good number of mature products sold over the world. The main markets are Brazil, USA, Japan, and other Europe countries. We can also include Latin America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa regions.

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